Cameron Robson comes from an artistic family of musicians and painters. His father is well known Border fiddler Wattie Robson, his grandfather and grandmother were both pianists and his grandfather was a member of the Hawick Saxhorn band.

Cammy began playing music at the age of five on the piano, and gradually worked himself up through the harmonica, tin whistle and trumpet, before coming upon the guitar and then the bouzouki, and also the banjo. He played rock music for many years, before joining a folk band called Oran Mor, with his father, and Iain Chisholm, a guitarist and singer from Jedburgh. They toured around Scotland extensively before he moved to Edinburgh and joined the bustling session scene there. He was a member of Cantrip with Gavin for many years and has also played as a session musician for, amongst others, Deaf Shepherd, Journeyman, Sandy Brechin and Lurach.